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By adding all of the digits in your street address, you will arrive at the numerological address. For instance, if you live at #234 Maple Street, you would add 2+3+4 and find that you live in a #9 house. Each number from 1-9 is given particular characteristics. It should also be noted that houses with 11's and 22's have special characteristics.

#1 houses are said to be occupied by really different individuals. These homes are often decorated to express the owner's individuality. People in #1 houses often spend a lot of time on their own.

#2 houses are peaceful. They often have a feminine, gentle feel and should be decorated in subtle tones. This is a home of co-operative relationships.

#3 houses are great for happy-go-lucky people. An ideal place to make money because it's friendly and people are attracted to it. This house will improve your social life; you will be tempted to use a lot of bright, primary colours.

#4 is the best number for a solid, well-built family home. These homes often have beautiful gardens. A #4 home brings order and structure into the lives of the people who live in them.

#5 houses are a great investment! It may seem to be a gamble of time and money but with energy this home will have great potential. The occupants of a number 5 house will be constantly on the move.

#6 is the best house for love… this home supports marital unity and is a great place for children. This home is likely to have a fabulous kitchen. A great investment, if you can part with this home.

#7 People who live in a number 7 houses are likely to be intensely private. They enjoy a quiet life with good books, music and are abstract thinkers.

#8 houses have a sense of authority. They can be expensive homes to maintain but you are sure to make money on the investment. This is a great place to be, especially when the going gets tough.

#9 houses are often places the inhabitants travel from. These homes often see more ownership changes. There is a sense of completion here and connection to the worldwide consciousness.

#11 Inspiring and eccentric, 11 houses buzz with excitement. Often patched together, these homes make all visitors and inhabitants feel special. A good investment but you have to wait for the right buyer to come along.

#22 This dwelling is a warm and nurturing abode. You really should plant a nice garden around a #22 house. Plants and animals thrive here. The inhabitants are interesting, intelligent people.

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